A6 C6 4F 04-11 eyebrows

Code: A6C64FEYE


A6 C6 4F 04-11 eyebrows

$27.99 (€24.99)
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  • Material: High quality GFK/ FBG
  • Not painted. Not ready for painting!
  • Pair of 2
  • The product is suitable for painting


Makes Audi
Models A6 / S6 C6 (4F) Facelift 2008-2011,
A6 / S6 C6 (4F) Prefacelift 2004-2008,
RS6 C6 (4F) 2008-2010
Body types Sedan/ Saloon/ Limo,
Wagon/ Touring/ Universal / SW
Trims All models
Markets All models
Gearboxes All models
Engines All models

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